Kristi Cochios

exploring the interconnections between humans and marine ecosystems

Weavings by Kristi Cochios
July 21st through October 10, 2017

“The current series of weaving and mixed media is the culmination of one year and four months work and is one I feel is of great importance.​The work represents the natural beauty contained within our seas as well as the detrimental effects humans have inflicted upon a perfect eco-system.​ The series shows the good and beauty within our sea environment as well as contrasting back and forth with eight pieces that represent man’s destructive influence.”

A native of Easton, Pennsylvania, Kristi studied art in Philadelphia at Cabrini College before moving to New York City to complete a degree in Art at Hofstra University. While in New York when she was not painting Kristi worked at the Museum of Natural History and the Guggenheim. When Kristi returned to Pennsylvania she focused on photography working in many studios. She is known for her intimate portraits of nature. She also became an in-demand action sports photographer and it was not unusual to find Kristi scaling a snowy ice cap while capturing a snowboarding run. Her pursuit of her passions were halted after suffering a stroke and being badly burned in a fire within the same year. After a very long recovery Kristi pushed herself to regain mobility and learn how to express her inner voice with her left hand since the right side of her body remained paralyzed. As she began piecing her past and present work together her iconic mixed media pieces were created and her artform was reborn.

Kristi Cochios is an artist. She is an artist in every sense of the word. She shows us just how beautiful this world is through her knowing eyes. She intuitively captures the spirit of Mother Earth and her inhabitants with an aesthetic unmatched by her peers.