Watershed-Friendly Property Sign

This program allows property owners to fill out a simple online application and qualify for a sign that certifies their property as watershed-friendly. The sign shows your commitment to managing a healthy watershed by reducing stormwater runoff, reducing water pollution, conserving water, and supporting wildlife and pollinators.

About the sign:

  • Crafted from rust-free solid iron
  • Measures 25″ L from the top of the plaque to the point which goes into the ground
  • The plaque measures 10″ H x 14″ W and features rounded edges
  • Stake is collapsible for easy storage
  • Comes with screws to attach plaque to stake

Applicants that qualify will be eligible to order a Watershed-Friendly Property sign for a small fee.

Do you need help or have questions?
Contact a Master Watershed Steward here.