Frequently Asked Questions

Event Rentals

Available Rooms
What rooms are available for rent at Nurture Nature Center?
The Delaware Room and the Sphere Room are available for rent.

How many square feet per room?
The Delaware Room: 1,500 square feet. Sphere Room: 3,000 square feet.

How many people can fit in each room? (Standing, sitting, with tables)
Delaware Room – Standing: 200 people. Sitting: 150 people. Sitting with round tables: 80 people. Sitting with rectangular tables: 100 people.
Sphere Room – Standing: 280 people (Please note: this number does not account for the space taken up by the Science on a Sphere). Sitting: 120 people (around the Sphere). Sitting with tables: 100 people.

Is Nurture Nature Center ADA handicap accessible?

Is there anywhere available for a dancehall/ballroom setting?
Nurture Nature Center has original wooden flooring constructed in 1914.  For this reason, Nurture Nature Center is unable to provide a dancehall/ballroom setting for events and requests limited dancing upon request.

How many bathrooms does Nurture Nature Center have?
Nurture Nature Center has men’s restrooms and women’s restrooms located on the second floor of the building.

Table & Chair Inquiries
How many chairs does Nurture Nature Center have available for use?

150 chairs.

How many tables does Nurture Nature Center have available for use?
Three 6-foot tables (as spares). Five 6-foot rectangular tables. Eight 8-foot rectangular tables. Ten 5-foot round tables.

How many people can comfortably sit at each table?
6-foot rectangular tables: 3 people per table. One additional individual can fit at each end if needed.
8-foot rectangular tables: 4 people per table. One additional individual can fit at each end if needed.
Round tables: 6-8 people per table.

How many tables can fit in each room?
Delaware Room
6-foot rectangular tables: Approximately four rows of two tables per row.
8-foot rectangular tables: Approximately four rows of two tables per row.
Round tables: 6-8 tables comfortably, 9-10 tables at maximum with nothing else included.
Sphere Room
6-foot rectangular tables: depends on type of event.
8-foot rectangular tables: depends on type of event.
Round tables: depends on type of event.

Where can I find table/chair rentals elsewhere?
We recommend to inquire for additional table and chair rentals at the following:
Leiser’s, 3608 Nazareth Pike, Bethlehem, PA 18020
Taylor Rental Center, 924 South 25th Street, Easton, PA

Are there tables or linens available for rent at Nurture Nature Center?
There is a charge for use of Nurture Nature Center tables and linens. Limited linens are available for rental; please inquire for further rental information.
*Please note that if you rent tables, rental companies will charge an additional fee for delivery and pick up on the third floor of the building. We suggest you set up and break down the tables to avoid this additional fee.

Available Audio & Visual Technologies
What is the audio/sound setup in each room?

The Delaware Room and Sphere Rooms have high quality audio/video technology and acoustical treatments to ensure the highest quality viewing and audio experience.  For specific questions related to the use of A/V technology, please inquire directly.

Can I pipe/stream music through both rooms at the same time?
This option is available.

Is wi-fi access available?

What is the audio/visual setup in each room?
Delaware Room – The Delaware Room is equipped with one projector and screen imposed on the room’s far wall, a blue-ray CD and media player and a laptop.
Sphere Room – The Sphere Room is equipped with one projector near the Sphere Gallery (subject to availability at time of event).
Nurture Nature Center has an additional projector with a stand up screen and a large flat screen television that can be displayed in any area of the building.

What are the available catering options?

Please inquire for a list of available caterers.

What are Nurture Nature Center’s kitchen standards?  Is there additional dishware, glassware available?
Nurture Nature Center has a catering kitchen only. All caterers must be licensed and approved in advance. No food may be cooked on site. There is ample kitchen and prep space, and limited refrigeration available. We request that caterers remove their own trash from the facility. Although NNC can provide paper products at an additional charge, it is recommended that caterers supply their own paper products. Planning in advance is highly recommended.  No dishware or glassware is available.

Is alcohol permitted at Nurture Nature Center?
Alcohol may be served if you hire a licensed provider who carries an off-premise liquor license and provides a certificate of insurance issued to Nurture Nature Center Inc. and Nurture Nature Foundation, Inc. Please inquire within.

To what extent can each room be decorated? (Additional decor, flowers, wall hangings, ceiling fixtures, etc.)

Nurture Nature Center often displays art exhibits throughout the year.  For this reason, we ask that nothing be affixed to the walls.  Prior permission is required for additional decorations.

What is Nurture Nature Center’s protocol for lit candles in the building?
Lit candles are not permitted.

Please let Nurture Nature Center know in advance if you need any of the following:
American flag
Microphone (wireless and handheld)
Microphone headset
Projector/audio setup

How many available parking spaces are in the back parking lot?
There are a limited number of spaces and one handicap space available in the back parking lot.  The parking lot is located on Pine Street. Please note that the ADA entrance is in the front of the building.

Are there additional spaces for parking?
A limited number of spaces are available in the front of Nurture Nature Center on Northampton Street for guests with limited mobility (*Please note: reservation required at least 72 hours in advance).  Additionally, there is a parking deck available located at 27 South Third St. (Easton Public Parking Garage) to shuttle guests back and forth.

See parking map and directions here.

Additional Event Inquiries
What time can guests set up for an event?

Please inquire in advance for event set up.

How late can guests remain in the building?
Generally, Nurture Nature Center requires that all guests be out of the building by 11:00pm. For this reason, we suggest rounding up guests by 10:00-10:30pm to vacate by closing time.

How much does it cost to rent a space at Nurture Nature Center?
The cost depends on the date and duration of the event, use of the building, audio/visual setup and staffing needs. Please inquire for a price quote.

When is it possible to set up a tour of the building?
You may visit Nurture Nature Center during the hours we are open to the public (see here), or call 610-253-4432 to schedule an appointment.

Additional Wedding Inquiries
Please let us know in advance if your wedding requires a dress rehearsal.
Unfortunately, we do not have any changing rooms available within the building.
For any additional questions, please inquire at 610-253-4432.