Press Coverage

Out and About: Art and music in the new year — WFMZ (01/2019)
Dialogue in art: Femi J Johnson making impact in Lehigh Valley, NNC Exhibit Announcement — Morning Call (8/2018)
“Off the Hill: ‘At Water’s Edge’ exhibit downtown” at the Nurture Nature Center— The Lafayette (09/2017)
Exhibit explores biomimicry through art and science — The Lafayette (02/2017)
“Easton exhibit honors Lehigh Valley artist Tom Burke,” memorial show at the Nurture Nature Center — Morning Call (07/2016)
“Local artist packs 100 environmental issues into one mural” discussing new Nurture Nature Center mural — Lehigh Valley Live (07/2015)
Nurture Nature Center to host forum on environment in conjunction with art exhibit — Lehigh Valley Live (01/2015)
Executive Director Philip Horn Announces the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts “Best of the Best” PPA Projects —Pennsylvania Pressroom (04/2014)

“When and where Easton area kids can get free back-to-school supplies and haircuts,” discussing Nurture Nature Center role in community back-to-school event Lehigh Valley Live (08/2019)
Community Catalyst: At Nurture Nature Center – Learning What Matters, a Community’s Voice —Institute of Museum and Library Services (01/2017)
What matters to Easton?  Nurture Nature Center releases report on environmental concerns — Morning Call (09/2016)
Top 10 environmental concerns of Easton residents  — Lehigh Valley Live (06/2016)
If you think Easton matters, this forum is for you — Lehigh Valley Live (03/2016)
Have your say on Easton’s environmental issues — Lehigh Valley Live (08/2015)
Weigh in on Easton’s worst environmental issues — Lehigh Valley Live (12/2014)

Easton plan seeks bold, yet practical approaches to the challenge of climate change – WFMZ (11/2021)
Easton has made strides in climate change fight. New plan outlines more to do. – Lehigh Valley Live (11/2021)
PA becomes 2nd state to offer climate change leadership training – Public News Service (09/2021)
Lehigh Valley Discourse with Kate Semmens and Rachel Hogan Carr about Easton’s Climate Action Plan – WDIY (04/2021)
Easton Goes Green with Commitment to Reduce Emissions Morning Call (05/2018)
Easton pledges to cut emissions — WFMZ (05/2018)
Easton Council Commits to Cutting Greenhouse Emissions: 7 Things You Can Do — Lehigh Valley Live (05/2018)

Pennsylvania experiencing warming climate — Brown and White, Lehigh University (11/2017)

Easton Center awarded NASA grant —Morning Call (09/2016)
Nurture Nature Center is recipient of NASA grant — Lehigh Valley Live (09/2016)

Sphere Shows
Out and About: Time to celebrate winter solstice — WFMZ (12/2019)
Out and About: Summer theater season kicks off — WFMZ (05/2019)
Discover the effect of the poles at Easton Nurture Nature Center — Morning Call (02/2017)
Learn about space at Easton’s Nurture Nature Center —Morning Call (12/2016)
Nurture Nature Center to debut “Sphere Spotlight” Thursdays — Morning Call (09/2016)
Easton’s Nurture Nature Center presents ‘Frozen Earth’ show — Morning Call (12/2015)
Weather watchers wanted for Nurture Nature event — Lehigh Valley Live (09/2015)
Nurture Nature Center in Easton explores flooding and other climate issues — Morning Call (08/2012)

Weather Studies
“Are we doing severe weather alerts wrong?” (Podcast) — WHYY (07/2019)
Tornado and storm warning invading your phone? Making you numb? Forecasters are worried — Philadelphia Inquirer (06/2019)
HEFS Probabilistic Forecasts: Helping Various Audiences Make Decisions by Rachel Hogan Carr — Aware, Page 5, National Weather Service — (08, 2018)
Nurture Nature Center delivers final CSAP report on NWS storm warnings: Research is one component of a 10-study program — New Jersey Sea Grant (05/2015)
New NOAA awards to fund studies of weather warnings, social media, Internet tools and public response — National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (08/2012)

Other Nurture Nature Center News
Easton museum concept plan includes planetarium, VR theater, boardwalk — Lehigh Valley Live (04/2021)
Easton’s Nurture Nature Center has vision for the former Easton Iron & Metal Site — WFMZ (04/2021)

Other Events
Sink your teeth into Easton VegFest — Morning Call (09/2019)
Meet our new cohort of Community Science Fellows — American Geophysical Union’s Thriving Earth Exchange (12/2019)
NNC’s Interactive Watershed Exhibit — Lehigh Valley Greenways Conservation Landscape SUCCESS STORY (10/2017)
Nurture Nature Center to discuss recycling in Easton on Tuesday — Morning Call (09/2016)
Nurture Nature Center to celebrate building’s 100th anniversary — Morning Call (11/2015)
Do pesticides belong in public spaces? — Lehigh Valley Live (06/2015)
Lafayette College hosting fracking symposium Friday and Saturday — Express Times (08/2014)
Hands-on garden workshops and an informational sphere show offered at Nurture Nature Center — Morning Call (07/2014)
Easton hears pros, cons of raising chickens in backyards — Morning Call (08/2013)
Nurture Nature Center Kicks Off Urban Garden Project — The Easton Eccentric (05/2013)
The Role Of Museums In The Public Understanding Of Science — WBUR – Boston NPR (10/2012)

Combating food insecurity, ASTC members share fresh food with communities – ASTC (09/2021)
Local Organization Encourages LV Residents to Buy, Eat More Local Food — Saucon Source (7/21/2021)
Taste food festival to bring local chefs, entertainment to SteelStacks — Lehigh Valley Live (05/2016)
Nurture Nature Center nets $56,918 from USDA to spur local produce purchases — Lehigh Valley Live (04/2015)
Demand turning locally grown food into hot commodity — Morning Call (02/2015)
Local Grower-Local Buyer event in Easton aims to strengthen food partnerships — Lehigh Valley Live (02/2015)
Easton’s Nurture Nature Center plans a Lehigh Valley Food Forum — Lehigh Valley Live (07/2012)